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Saturday, January 19, 2008

The week is over.....yea!

Our week has been a very long but eventful one and today started no differently! Steve has been gone to Seattle/Bellevue all week and missed the heat fiasco and general craziness (he left right after the ER visit) but arrived home at 6 am this morning to a full show! Just as he was walking in the door (literally....) Logan walked into my bedroom puking all the way there! Welcome home Dad! So while he was puking and Steve was hoping to get some sleep all 3 of the other boys woke up to all the commotion. So 6 am is a REALLY early start to a Saturday when it is too cold to go anywhere or do anything. I took the boys downstairs to feed and dress them while Steve got a few hours of sleep. I laid down on the floor with Logan and the other boys poked, climbed and prodded us for the next few hours. I cancelled the chiropractor appointments (it is below zero degrees today)but I had to wake Steve up to watch the boys while I took Lake to get his stitches removed. Logan was upset that I was leaving but off we went. Lake was very brave while he got his stitches removed although he was getting nervous around the 3rd stitch. They were in there pretty tight and our Dr. had told him that these were grown-up scissors only and were VERY sharp! I think I would have been nervous too having someone poking around at a recent wound with something that I was told was dangerous!! We got the job done and Lake requested a trip to Trader Joes for veggie sticks. How can you say no to that? So off we went and besides Lake slipping on some ice and getting his pants all sludgy he was fine. I really think he was more upset about the dirty wet pants than the stitches! We came home and had lunch and then took a long nap. Logan woke up and seems to be feeling a lot better. Steve is still sleeping and when he gets up I am in for a long break!