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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Kindergarten Concert

The boys did a great job at their spring concert. Every year the music teacher coaxes and trains the newest students into a performance. It is followed by a reception in the classroom where the kids have been instructed to host and serve the parents. Really a great experience on that one. I have such little gentlemen! It was adorable last year and just as cute this year (even though we had the exact same songs times two!!) Here are some snippets...it's long so watch at your own risk. My only complaint is that I'm not sure what someone was thinking when they did the placement. For Lakes concert he was in the front row and I was in the back. Sounds good except the tallest kid in his class was next to him and kept elbowing him back behind him. This child was also the loudest. Poor Lake...but he didn't seem to notice. Then the next concert Lawson was in the back row (he is my smallest guy) and Landon in the 2nd row...of course both behind the tallest kids in the class. Go figure...so the camera didn't get them all that well but you get the gist of it. They are wearing olive green sweater vests over white shirts in case you need help spotting them. Landon is behind the girl in the pink dress and Lawson is behind the tall girl.