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Monday, March 31, 2008

Spring Break begins......

There is no school this week so we had a full house today! I went to the basement to put together a new shelf unit and the boys stayed upstairs to watch a show and play quietly (yea right!!) I heard a thump, thump, thump, and when I listened for the crying to begin and it didn't happen I went upstairs to investigate. I found the triplets riding down the stairs on Logan's snowboard!! They said it was Logan's idea but he was nowhere near them. Go figure! It's going to be a very long week......

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Did we misname our kid.....!?

This morning Lake came to me and asked me if a little paper bookmark was his. I told him that I think that it is Logan's and he starting whining that it IS his because "right here is says my name on it!" He quickly pointed to the miniscule lettering that was labeling a lake on a map in the picture. Lawson quickly came into the converstation and claimed the bookmark as his. Lake cried and we had to explain about Lake Michigan, Lake Okoboji, Lake Huron etc....It still didn't console him because he is just CERTAIN that it belongs to him since it has his name on it. Steve is now convinced that we should have named him Luke but I think eventually he will understand and for now I paid Lawson $1 to let Lake have it!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Easter catch-up...

I didn't ever post any pictures from Easter but we did have a nice quiet day at home. The boys looked for eggs (inside) and rummaged through their baskets most of the day. The easter bunny was quite generous and everyone got a new Leapster game, pads of sketch paper, scented markers, scented bubbles, ant farms, chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, Lightening McQueen plates, and more. They sat at the kitchen table all day drawing and eating candy....here are a few pictures of their mess....

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Kindergarten Concert.....

All is well that ends well....The kindergarten concert was a smashing success! Logan cooperated with dressing, the little boys were on their best behaviour (Landon and Lawson even hugged the grade school principal on the way in...little suck-ups!) and Daddy resisted using his Blackberry during the concert. The class didn't even forget a song! The apple juice reception was a little hairy with behaviour but I just took the opportunity to go home. The triplets had to go to preschool so I took them there and Logan and I had a lunchdate. We went to Burger King and Logan got his 2nd happy meal of his lifetime (mean mom aren't I?) We had a nice time and then went to Target to spend some of his giftcards that he got on his birthday. All in all he had a great day. He looked very cute and very clean when I dropped him off at 9 am but somewhere at school by the time the concert was over he had a huge yellow smudge on his chest....?! When the reception started his shirt was already untucked and one button undone!? A few minutes at home left two big smears of chocolate milk on each sleeve but when he finally took the tie off tonight...it was still clean!! I don't even think Steve does that well on a daily basis!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Logan my style icon.....

Tomorrow is a big day for Logan. He has been practicing for a kindergarten concert the whole school year and it culminates tomorrow. He has practiced and practiced and taught his brothers the songs. He has worried himself sick over what if he forgets the words and what if noone remembers which song to sing first. I remembered early in the week to take his shirt in to the drycleaners (took two for good measure....), made sure he had pants that aren't too short and had Steve take the morning off of work to attend. Then this afternoon it occured to me that we don't own any dress shoes that fit him right now. I mention it to him that we may need to go shopping tonight because he can't wear tennis shoes (especially Lighting McQueen) and he told me that's ok he would just wear his CROCS. Ummmm..."No Logan...you can't wear CROCS for a performance." He then stated..."They will be ok...just wash them!" It scares me a litte bit that to my son....washing a pair of plastic shoes equals "dress shoes!!" Where have I gone wrong and how do I correct it? Needless to say I went shopping tonight for a new pair of shoes, new socks and a new tie. I'll keep you all posted on tomorrow..maybe even with photos...hopefully without CROCS!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Egg Dying .......

We did our annual playdate with the Hilbrant kids on Friday and here are a few pictures of the crowd. I'm not sure what Theresa and I are thinking when we mix 9 kids and food coloring but surprisingly enough it always turns out well. I will note that this year we both dressed the kids in old clothes (just in case!) We had a great time and got lots of eggs colored!

Friday, March 21, 2008

It's my money and I need it NOW!

Ok...I swear that my kids only watch educational tv (with a little bit of Spongebob mixed in....) but last week I heard Lake saying very loudly and very forcefully...."It's my money and I need it now!" It took me by surprise but until I heard him repeat it over several days I didn't really give it a much thought! Well I finally figured out what he is talking about...Maybe it is on between Flip this House and Property Ladder( favorites of Lake and mine) episodes but I have discovered the commercial for early payouts on lawsuits! It asks if you have recently won a lawsuit and the tag line is IT'S MY MONEY AND I NEED IT NOW!" So although Lake doesn't yet get an allowance he does realise that he has money out there somewhere and he needs it NOW!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Are you my Mother?!

Landon has a new trick/habit and it is equaling irritating as it is funny! It started rather innocently with the reading of the book Are You My Mother? He came up to me and asked in a very understandable and clear voice...."Are you my mother?!" I was at first shocked thinking somehow I had failed as a mother if my oldest triplet was just now questioning who his mother is?! Well...a second later it struck me that we have been reading that book. But still he did embarrass me at the grocery store AGAIN asking me in a booming voice...."ARE YOU MY MOTHER?!" The whole line at the customer service desk whipped around wondering if they were witnessing a kidnapping. Now he thinks this is funny and now will only call me "Mother"...it makes me think of one of those antique doilies that are crocheted as a decoration for a wallhanging (in bad decorating I might add!) One of my triplet friend moms assures me that calling me this is a southern thing and I guess I'm hoping that he is just channeling some habit from our Kentucky roots....?!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Black socks....

A big problem at our house is lack of socks....I do multiple loads of laundry everyday but we for some odd reason always short on socks when it is time to get ready. If you can find socks then they are probably too small! So just before my parents came to visit I made a trip to Target and bought the boys some new socks. They had two different kinds so I bought several packages of black sports socks (to attempt to hide the dirt that my kids seem to always find) and white sports socks. I thought I may have a problem getting them to try the black socks because they really like consistency (even in socks!!) and they have always worn white. I get them out and ask what color they want to try today....Lake yells "Black socks...just like Grandpa!!!" I was very surprised that he has noticed what kind of socks my dad wears since we see my parents less than once a month. Lake won't wear anything else now. Here is a picture of Lake proudly wearing his new black socks (jsut like Grandpa) and kind of lounging just like I've seen Grandpa do!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A visit with grandma and grandpa...

The boys had a special treat last week when the Iowa grandma and grandpa came to visit. The boys really look forward to this and ask almost daily between visits when Grandma and Grandpa are coming or when are we going to their house in Iowa. They even recognize the part of town we travel through to get to I-88 for the trip. The boys were stuck like glue to both grandparents and I'm sure my parents were ready for a little quiet and rest.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Yoga anyone?

Lawson was in the family room the other day and yelled for me to come in there. I walked in and here is what I saw. I asked him what he was doing and he said "I'm doing Yoga!" Ok then...I guess we are getting our money's worth at preschool!!