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Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Kindergarten Concert.....

All is well that ends well....The kindergarten concert was a smashing success! Logan cooperated with dressing, the little boys were on their best behaviour (Landon and Lawson even hugged the grade school principal on the way in...little suck-ups!) and Daddy resisted using his Blackberry during the concert. The class didn't even forget a song! The apple juice reception was a little hairy with behaviour but I just took the opportunity to go home. The triplets had to go to preschool so I took them there and Logan and I had a lunchdate. We went to Burger King and Logan got his 2nd happy meal of his lifetime (mean mom aren't I?) We had a nice time and then went to Target to spend some of his giftcards that he got on his birthday. All in all he had a great day. He looked very cute and very clean when I dropped him off at 9 am but somewhere at school by the time the concert was over he had a huge yellow smudge on his chest....?! When the reception started his shirt was already untucked and one button undone!? A few minutes at home left two big smears of chocolate milk on each sleeve but when he finally took the tie off tonight...it was still clean!! I don't even think Steve does that well on a daily basis!


Kelly said...

Yay Logan!!! Congrats on a successful concert! You sure look handsome.