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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Logan my style icon.....

Tomorrow is a big day for Logan. He has been practicing for a kindergarten concert the whole school year and it culminates tomorrow. He has practiced and practiced and taught his brothers the songs. He has worried himself sick over what if he forgets the words and what if noone remembers which song to sing first. I remembered early in the week to take his shirt in to the drycleaners (took two for good measure....), made sure he had pants that aren't too short and had Steve take the morning off of work to attend. Then this afternoon it occured to me that we don't own any dress shoes that fit him right now. I mention it to him that we may need to go shopping tonight because he can't wear tennis shoes (especially Lighting McQueen) and he told me that's ok he would just wear his CROCS. Ummmm..."No Logan...you can't wear CROCS for a performance." He then stated..."They will be ok...just wash them!" It scares me a litte bit that to my son....washing a pair of plastic shoes equals "dress shoes!!" Where have I gone wrong and how do I correct it? Needless to say I went shopping tonight for a new pair of shoes, new socks and a new tie. I'll keep you all posted on tomorrow..maybe even with photos...hopefully without CROCS!