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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Black socks....

A big problem at our house is lack of socks....I do multiple loads of laundry everyday but we for some odd reason always short on socks when it is time to get ready. If you can find socks then they are probably too small! So just before my parents came to visit I made a trip to Target and bought the boys some new socks. They had two different kinds so I bought several packages of black sports socks (to attempt to hide the dirt that my kids seem to always find) and white sports socks. I thought I may have a problem getting them to try the black socks because they really like consistency (even in socks!!) and they have always worn white. I get them out and ask what color they want to try today....Lake yells "Black socks...just like Grandpa!!!" I was very surprised that he has noticed what kind of socks my dad wears since we see my parents less than once a month. Lake won't wear anything else now. Here is a picture of Lake proudly wearing his new black socks (jsut like Grandpa) and kind of lounging just like I've seen Grandpa do!