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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Are you my Mother?!

Landon has a new trick/habit and it is equaling irritating as it is funny! It started rather innocently with the reading of the book Are You My Mother? He came up to me and asked in a very understandable and clear voice...."Are you my mother?!" I was at first shocked thinking somehow I had failed as a mother if my oldest triplet was just now questioning who his mother is?! Well...a second later it struck me that we have been reading that book. But still he did embarrass me at the grocery store AGAIN asking me in a booming voice...."ARE YOU MY MOTHER?!" The whole line at the customer service desk whipped around wondering if they were witnessing a kidnapping. Now he thinks this is funny and now will only call me "Mother"...it makes me think of one of those antique doilies that are crocheted as a decoration for a wallhanging (in bad decorating I might add!) One of my triplet friend moms assures me that calling me this is a southern thing and I guess I'm hoping that he is just channeling some habit from our Kentucky roots....?!