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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It's a cold, cold world.....

Well...maybe that is an exageration since we now have heat!!! Sunday night after Lake and I went to the ER and arrived home late we noticed that it was really cold in the house. I checked and it was 60 degrees....the furnace people were called and came to check it out on Monday afternoon...temperature 55 degrees....good news...we just needed a new motor for something....bad news... he couldn't get it until at the earliest Tuesday. Well...fine...I brought the boys into my room and let them camp out on my floor with lots of blankets and a space heater in the master bathroom taking a little bit of the chill off the bedroom. We pretended to roast marshmallows over a pretend campfire and had a sing along. The boys were good sports at least until morning when the temperature had dropped in the downstairs to 50 degrees! I will never understand how these guys can whine so much about cold air inside but think nothing of going outside with coats unzipped somedays when it is 20 degrees! Finally after getting dressed in front of the heater and bringing breakfast upstairs we finally went to school where it was warm. The furnace guy finally came at 3 pm and we had heat!! Yea! The boys are back in there own beds now and hopefully it will be quite awhile before we need to "camp" again.