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Friday, January 4, 2008

Are we done yet?!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

First let me say how much I love my boys and feel very lucky to have them...but who came up with the idea of calling this time period between Christmas and January 7th a "vacation?" A vacation for who???!!! Four little people all with their own ideas. personalities and interests all trapped inside a house with a mommy ready to pull her hair out. I have wiped more butts (??!!) broken up more arguments ("mommy...he is being mean!"), thrown away more uneaten plates of food, poured more drinks and fixed/assembled more toys than one family should own unless they own a toystore. I keep trying to remind myself that next week I will be missing all of this when I have to load the little boys up fully decked out in snowpants, boots and gear to go back to preschool. Fortunately in kindergarten they don't go outside. (yet Logan STILL insists on wearing boots, hats, gloves for the 10 foot walk from the car to the kindergarten door?)....although next year I'm guessing since it is a full day that will also be changing....oh well...won't be my problem beyond the first round of dressing to let them get to school...let the teacher put 25 small children back into snowgear to go outside if she really wants to. Maybe THAT's who came up with the "vacation" idea?We took a nap today since the boys seem to be all coming down with different levels of colds. Lake has a terrible cough, Landon and Logan runny noses, and Lawson watery eyes. Getting them to nap was no small feat....I layed down with them in their room hoping to make it quick to get to sleep...didn't happen. Fast forward to seperating them into the guest room for Lawson, Logan in my bedroom and Lake and Landon with me in their room. Landon was an angel and went right to sleep....Lake I finally had to give a quick swat on the butt....that finally worked and we had some peace and quiet. Why is it when you are a kid you think a nap is the worst punishment ever but when you are grown you just can't get one often enough? It is always amazing how good a nap feels....All boys are up now and taking turns on their new computer. It is so cute watching them and Landon is such a whiz. Jingle (our Christmas Elf) brought the computer for Christmas and the boys got new games to go with it. They aren't online yet but have enough games that they don't realize they are missing the internet. Although kind of like Happy Meals...they really don't know that the internet or Happy Meals exist. They also got Webkins for Christmas so when we want to play with those we will have to use my computer. I can't wait to share with 3 4 year olds and a 5 year old that probably will know more about the internet than me in a few years. This is Landon and Lawson playing a game together.
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