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Monday, January 14, 2008

Just when you think it's going to be quiet.....

When you have 4 boys it seems like something is always going on....and it IS! Tonight we ordered pizza and Steve left to go and pick it up. I was making a quick phone call and I heard a BOOM followed by Lake crying really hard. I grabbed him and held him and he told me that he fell off the chair and hurt his ear. I comforted him but as he was holding his ear I took a quick look....immediately I knew my plans for a quiet evening were changed to a visit to my favorite emergency room at Edwards Hospital! He must have hit the edge of the vacuum cleaner because it was like someone took a pair of scissors and just snipped the top part of his ear open. It hardly bled and he stopped crying rather quickly but I still knew it needed something more than I could do. I quickly changed him into pajamas in case it would end up being a late night and I wanted something that buttoned rather than pulled over his head in case it was going to swell and be sore by morning. Steve came home and off Lake and I went....It certainly wasn't my first visit to this ER and I'm rather certain it won't be my last. We got right in and Lake basked in the glory that only a kid from a large family could feel. He was the only person that they were paying attention too and he didn't have to share! When you have a lot of kids even a trip to the hospital can be fun! The nurses oohed and ahhed over him and were sympathetic to his wound. He was such a tough little guy and just played with his Leapster while we waited. As they numbed him up he tried so hard not to cry...he didn't until maybe the 5th or 6th shot. While they were doing it I promised him some Jibbitz tomorrow for being so brave...he seemed to like that and THEN around the 7th and 8th shot I threw in that HE would be the ONLY one getting jibbitz and the other boys wouldn't be...and I think that I saw a small smile! Lake likes nothing better than to have one up on his brothers! If someone does something naughty he loves to remind them of the punishment coming to them or making sure to remind me to punish them and tell Daddy! Lake was a great patient and layed very still for the 6 stitches and thanked everyone for the great care. He even posed for a picture when we were finished and then we went to Meijer to get a treat. Lake is a very smart little boy and manipulated his way into a Thomas the Tank singing toothbrush, Diego yogurt, fruit snacks, a new Leapster game and again basked in the glory of being the only kid around. He got lots of attention and sympathy from the employees and showed off his flying monkey. As we were leaving he said..."Can we go to Jewel now?!" That's my boy!! Needless to say we came home and he was fast asleep before we even pulled into the driveway.