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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"5 Things I love" by Logan.......

Logan came home yesterday with his school folder and as usual proudly showed me his work for the day. Here is an example of 5 things that he loves....Now remember that he is writing them phonetically with no help...but what you see as number one is: FISH! Now we do have a pet Beta fish but I would say most days it is me who is feeding it and it is ALWAYS me who cleans the bowl. How that fish (who by the way Logan has never bothered to name...) made the number one spot...I will never know! The others are as follows:
2. Mom
3. Dad
4. Mysf (myself) good to know he is confident!
5. Myczn (my cousins)
I read the list and then asked where are your brothers? His answer?....Mom...I only had 5 spots!! Well, here is to hoping that there is never an emergency and Logan has to choose who to save!!! You just have to love how a 5 year old thinks!


Kelly said...

awwww...how cute is that!! Good sounding the words out too! Way to go Logan!

Laura said...

How cute! At least you rank right below the fish :-D