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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Mmm Mmm Good.....

Isn't that the Campbells soup slogan? Well since over the past few days Logan and now Lake and Daddy have become sick I decided to play Martha Stewart and make homemade chicken noodle soup. I'm now asking myself why because really beyond Steve noone else besides me will eat soup. I always have a hope that someday....they will try something that doesn't come sliced in a triangle or come in a paper sack with a logo on it. The process began with a family trip to Costco on Sunday. I bought 4 chickens and a 5lb bag of onions. Hey if we are going to cook from scratch we want to do it up right! I came home and seasoned the chickens and they had to sit overnight....Monday came and went and since Logan needed a Dr. trip I had to wait until Tuesday to begin again... I chopped the onions and stuffed the chickens and finally roasted them slowly for 6 hours....I spend that night stripping the meat off the bone and set aside everything for making the broth on Wednesday. So this morning bright and early I boiled it all and strained it all....and came up with the perfect broth. Now we needed noodles. Since it was my day to volunteer in the kindergarten the noodle making had to wait until after school. Fast forward to A LOT of help!! Lake decided he was my helper today and he helped chop carrots and make the noodles. He measured the flour, poured the oil, and dumped the 8 eggs after I cracked them. He stirred and he stirred and finally they were just right. Did I mention that I didn't have time to pick up the pasta roller? I ended up having to do it by hand and the end product was pretty much a disaster...I couldn't even bribe Lawson to try it (and he is ALWAYS up for a $1 or a jibbit!) The end result was tasty although doughy if you got one of the fatter noodles but I guess it was worth because it was a labor of love and Lake enjoyed cooking with mommy! Steve said that the soup was good but next time I think I will just open a can!