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Thursday, January 10, 2008

A new year and new beds with new resolutions....

The boys recently got new beds and and a new bedroom. They are now in the old guestroom and have a full size bed and twin bunkbeds. Generally Landon decides he is going to sleep in "grandma's" bed so he can be alone. I don't blame him because I don't really like to sleep with his brothers either. Most nights some or all of the triplets make there way to our bed and trust me 5 people do not fit in a king size bed. Many nights Steve or I end up in the guestroom with Landon or alone (since Landon is a frequent visitor to our bed) and the shuffleing begins. Not the ideal situation but hopefully they will soon learn to stay put. That is one of our New Year's resolutions anyway.... I went in to check on them last night and the above picture is what I found (note that all the pillowcases and sheets WERE on the bed when I left the room originally!)....not only do they want to sleep in the same room they want to sleep in the same bed. If you are thinking that this looks uncomfortable then picture them all in the usual bottom twin bunk!! That is their preferred space! We are waiting for the painter to come in for the new wall color and then will be adding a new dresser...I'm sure then that they will decide to stay in their own beds and all will be happy right?!


Hilbrant Family said...

Eventually, they are going to need a bigger bed.