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Friday, January 4, 2008

Our First Date (playdate that is....)

As you all know Logan is in kindergarten this year and with him in Mrs. Louis' class there is the cutest, tiniest little 6 year old girl named Gemma. Logan came home talking one day that Gemma from his class had invited him to her birthday party and that he is going! Sure enough Gemma's mom met me outside of school during afternoon pick-up with "the" invitation. Logan was so excited and talked of nothing else. When the day came he arrived at a gym full of little girls squealing his name like only 5 and 6 year old girls can do. Fortunately there was one other boy their too and both seemed to have fun although they immediately stayed together like they had been thrown to the sharks and needed a buddy system!

Well...fast forward to Christmas break...today was the last day and I had been promising Logan a playdate. I could have suggested inviting a little boy from his class or a neighbor but frankly I just couldn't fathom adding another boy into the mix that we already have....so I suggested Gemma. Logan was thrilled! He immediately announced that he needed to take a shower and in his words..."get cleaned up so I am shiny!" He scrubbed and scrubbed and even yelled for me to find his toy razor. When he finally deemed himself clean enough he got out of the shower and demanded that I blow dry his hair!! This little boy then proceeded to brush and floss his teeth!! If he knew what cologne is I imagine that he probably would have requested that too! I really didn't expect this kind of behaviour for another 8-10 years!! He carefully dressed (still needed mommy to snap his jeans though so he isn't as grown up as he likes to think.) and put on his new watch that Santa brought him. The other boys decided that if Logan was requesting to shower they must need to get in on it too...so I had to blow dry 2 more boys hair (Landon wanted nothing to do with any of it...he just went and put his coat and shoes on so he would be ready to go where ever was so important to make his brothers primp) Lake just kept saying "I'm getting a Gemma too!" I finally figured out that he thought Gemma was a something and as soon as I explained that Gemma was a girls name his interest lagged somewhat.

Well after much waiting the time for Gemma to arrive came and all 4 boys met her at the door and showed her around. They played nicely together making some art, playing with play doh, played hide and seek and Leapster games. They were so cute together and soon it was time for Gemma to go home. After she was gone I sat at the table while Logan was still doing play doh and I said "Gemma is a really nice girl..did you have fun?" He said "yes mommy...Gemma loves me...do I have to marry her?" I said "no you don't have to marry her if you don't want to..." He then proceeded to tell me that he couldn't marry her because he wants to marry me and if he married Gemma he would have to move to another house! How sweet is that? I tried to explain that he could move away and see me whenver he wants but he isn't ready to hear that and for now I'm just going to savor and enjoy the idea that he loves me that much that he wants to stay here forever....I'm sure that the time will come soon enough when he can't wait to grow up and move away but for now..."Mommy I want to live with you forever....!" and that is just fine with me!!