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Friday, January 4, 2008

Tooltime and other fix-it adventures......

We have a huge leak somewhere in the Master Bath so we have spent our day waiting for the big arrival of the plumber (been waiting since Monday....)He is coming to take another look. He looked last week and cut two big holes in my kitchen ceiling and announced that my kids just probably make too much of a mess in my bathroom splashing...(I told him that couldn't be it! since they weren't even in there for the initial leak but he is the expert!!!) and then I tested it myself and sure enough water came gushing into the adjoining/aka Dr. Suess room wall at the baseboard...I had showed him that room last week too and told him of the strange musty smell...I had to pull up carpet and throw away pad and now I await......at least his punishment was 4 little boys hanging on his every word and following him around like puppies the whole time he was here....Lawson even asked him where his teeth were! (I wanted to crawl under the bed on that one.) On the bright side they chatter away to him all with their tools and flashlights calling him "Mr. Plumber Man" at every question...at least they have good manners!! I even caught Landon with his arm slung over the guys shoulder when he was down on the floor like they were long lost best buddies. I wonder how many holes he will have to cut this time? Somehow I have a feeling he will finally come up with an answer so he won't have to come back to this house full of "helpers!"
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