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Monday, January 7, 2008

Mundane tasks that go on and on.....

At the end of a day I'm always so exhausted but usually stay up too late just relishing the quietness of the house and to get one more thing done. As I choose which "one thing" to do...I ponder why I can't get more done during the day? I get up early....the boys are good kids (albeit slightly like a wrecking crew) and are gone 2 hours 4 days a week...why do I still have dishes needing loaded, clothes needing folded and floors needing scrubbed and swept? I think I finally realized the reason...mundane tasks that little boys feel are sooooo important. I put the boys to bed more than an hour ago but kept getting visitors because they all decided that they needed to wear their new slippers that Logan bought everyone for Christmas. Have you ever tried to find at a moments notice 8 small fuzzy slippers? They are seemingly kind of large when the boys are wearing them but somehow become miniscule when mommy wants everyone asleep so "mommy time" can begin!! I just spent an hour of my life looking for a Spiderman pair (Lawson's) Spongebob (Lake) Curious George (Landon) and last but not least and the best hidden....Lighting McQueen for Logan! I looked under beds, deep in toy boxes, backs of closets, and even in the dirty clothes hampers...finally found the last pair still in Logan's suitcase he packed himself for Grandma's house(an interesting story for another time...) that was tucked underneath the train table in the Dr. Suess Playroom...gee why didn't I look there first?! So at last all the boys are in bed complete with slippers on there feet (they didn't seem to believe me that slippers are for keeping your feet warm before bed) because Logan told them they needed them tonight so they didn't "freeze" their feet! **Chicago weather note...it was 67 degrees today** Who am I to argue....?


Kelly said...

So glad you found all of the slippers. BTW, I love the new pictures of the boys in the right column! They look soo cute!