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Friday, May 23, 2008

Mom....you wasted my time....!!

Friday is a day off of preschool for the little boys but Logan still has school. When we can I like to schedule the chiropractor on Friday after school so we don't have to go in on Saturday when it takes a little longer. Today we went after school and grabbed Burger King for dinner and came home to eat. Steve called when we were finished about 6:30 and wanted to meet at the HOBO store to look for a new vanity for the master bathroom project. The boys really didn't want to go but I loaded them up anyway and off we went. We met Steve and did our shopping (finding nothing again....!!) We then started home and were almost there when Logan says "Mom...you wasted my time today....since you made us go to Hobo now I dont' have time to play!" Well...sorry Logan! Geesh....I can only guess how much time I've wasted doing errands for him or cleaning up messes or looking for lost items. Kids!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A trip to the eye doctor

Last night I knew that it was Lawson and Lake's turn to go to the eye doctor with daddy. So late at night I did a search for their glasses so they would be ready when Daddy remembered that they were supposed to take them along. Well...I found Lawson's two pairs (another story for another time~) but couldn't find Lake's one pair but knew that they shouldn't be too far. Well..since I know how Steve can be (WHY don't you know where the glasses are? If I were here in charge...I would know where everything is!!) I decided to since Logan has the same color of glasses as Lake (although easy to tell apart if you know the differences and actually have looked at them!)so I would just put them in a case and leave them on the counter. Later I could always say..."Oh you grabbed the wrong pair..." It would buy me a little more time to search. The plan went smoothly and the guys all came back and I asked how it went. Lawson needs to go back in 6 months because one eye seems a little lazy. His eyes were slightly worse so he will need new glasses. Then I asked about Lake...Steve said well the Dr. said that he really missed on the prescription last time and he would need a different prescription too. I then looked at Lake (wearing Logan's glasses) and said..."Well those are Logan's glasses that he is wearing! You must have grabbed the wrong ones!!" It took all I could do not to roll on the floor laughing!! Leave it to two men to think that the prescription is wrong!! I bet it would take one mom to think...hmmmm...4 kids....3 wear glasses...are these THIS kids glasses? The Dr. just saw the other 2 less than a week ago so he knows how many we have. I bet he has been 2nd guessing himself all day! It has made me smile all day long!! Then the other thing that made me smile is the fact that Steve thinks that he is all-knowing and HE didn't recognize the glasses as Logan's. They are Jimmy Neutron glasses and it was a big issue when we got them because they cost more....geesh...anyway...thought it was a funny day. By the way...guess what Lawson found in his backpack on the way to school? Lake's glasses!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Car Conversation today....

I picked up the triplets from school today and while we waited for Logan to get out Lawson mentioned that they learned about hands today at preschool. "Hams?" Lake asked and Lawson replied "NO...Hands with a ds" in his snotty tone he likes to save for his brothers. To save the peace I tried to distract them with conversation. Me:So what did you learn about hands Lawson? Lawson's reply? "We learned that you shouldn't pick your nose and wipe it on furniture or the walls!" Enough said. (By the way I DID ask to make sure this was not directed at a Williams boy and it fortunately was a group lesson!)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A BIG playdate

We had a playdate today after school that had A LOT of kids! Any time that you get together with other triplet moms it ends up pretty big even if you don't invite that many families. My friend Monica was nice enough to host this get together and the boys really had fun. The not so fun part was getting them to leave. Here is a photo of at least part of the 14 kids....all from just 4 moms! Wow...if I didn't live it I would be overwhelmed!! Thanks Monica for the pizza and snacks...and for having us over!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A moment in time...

Last week the boys were sick...well at least two were legitimately sick and Landon had breathing issues with round the clock breathing treatments so I can count him as the third. Lawson was fine although he was a little whiney but I wasn't about to load up 4 kids and only drop one off twice a day. So we all had a little vacation....well maybe vacation isn't quite the right word but we were home all week. I got the camera out one day (Lawson wanted to show me some of his dance moves) and figured out the video part and of course the first thing that I filmed pretty much captured the essence of the week....take a look.
Let's just say this was just one of 100 little spats and I was very glad that everyone was healthy on Monday morning. I think that I would have dropped them off regardless of their condition!! Some days I wonder if they are 5 and 6 or 2 and 3!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Is is bedtime yet?

Every evening I can't wait for it to be bedtime and I savor the quiet time when they are all so peacefully sleeping. It is quite a job getting to that point and every day I hold hope that it will be earlier rather than later. When I finally go to bed someone has usually made their way into my bed and is snuggled deep under the covers. If is is Logan it means he is turned sideways taking up waaaay more space than a kid his size should. The other three are actually good sleepers and I really like to snuggle in with them as long as it is just one or two at a time. Some nights by morning I have 3 kids in my bed and usually a stray who saunters in as we all wake up. Then the fights begin. If I just had one intruder in the night the others come in one by one as they wake. Now you would think that they could just peacefuly come in and get under the covers....no...they have to come in and fight for a spot next to me. Now I'm not talking about just in the same bed here. They literally HAVE to all be touching me with the full length of their body. I WANT TO BE NEXT TO MOMMY!! "That's my spot!" "He took my spot!" This is all first thing in the morning. What a way to start the day! It is one my favorite times of the day though. They are all sweet and snuggly and still smell like baby soap from their bath. And they are always ready to start the day. The break of sleep makes me really happy to see them. Someone usually brings me the remote control and my glasses and I turn the tv on for them and they watch Curious George or Word World and settle in for another half hour or so under the covers. I think that I am really going to miss this time when they go to school earlier and don't have time to come in or they think they are too big to crawl in my bed in the morning....I hope that it doesn't come too soon! (Although I do kind of wish the coming in the middle of the night would end soo!!) I wonder what would happen if I bought THEM a select comfort mattress for their room...?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Mother's Day Gift

It was a cold and rainy day but I got a very nice gift of 2 hours of peace without anyone asking me for anything!! Steve took the boys to see Speedracer this afternoon and I took a shower (without an audience) and worked on cleaning the basement (without anyone undoing everything while I worked.) I surfed the internet briefly and didn't have to fight for space on my desk (or have to turn down requests for the Webkin site.) Just a note to add that I did get a nice box of chocolate truffles from Debrands (my very favorite chocolate only found in Indiana) and the boys (via daddy) are paying for an enlargement of a photo that I had taken of the boys last fall. All in all it was a very nice day even if the weather didn't cooperate with sunshine!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Logan says Jewel has turkey....!!!

Last weekend my parents were here to help celebrate the triplets 5th birthday. Logan always loves it when my parents come and he starts to worry about when they will have to leave usually before they even arrive. This trip was no different. He read books with them, went for bike rides and walks and just snuggled up to them whenever he had a chance. He helped grandpa put together the new airplane teeter totter and he loves to help fix things! Of course he asked almost hourly when they were going to have to go back home. Sunday morning came and this was the departure day. Logan tried to think of anything he could to make them stay a little longer. Some ideas were nailing the door shut, hiding grandpa's keys and on and on....Well..they had to go because it is spring turkey hunting season and grandpa had already given the turkeys a 2 day reprieve. I told Logan that grandpa needed to get back to hunt turkeys and Logan through his tears said "doesn't grandpa know that you can buy turkey at the grocery store?!"

Friday, May 9, 2008

The 5th birthday bash!

It's been almost a week since the big "5" for the trio. They had a great time and got lots of loot. They each got a new bike, new scooter, leapster games, a new airplane teeter totter, Webkins and even giftcards!! That will help extend the birthday gift excitement a little longer and they are looking forward to a trip to Target! I tried to take personal interest into considertion this year rather than 3 of multiple items. As you can see Lawson is a big Spiderman fan and he got a costume to go with his web blaster that he got for Christmas. Lake has been asking for a Power Ranger watch and was excited to get one. Landon got some new art pads and markers (that his brothers have really been eyeing!) We celebrated the birthday with lunch at Burger King and they got their first happy meals (well..not happy at Burger King but still.....) because it had an Ironman toy with it and that is the theme this year. The Iowa grandma and grandpa came over to help us celebrate The Hilbrant girls dropped by and the boys pretty much think that they had a kid party like Logan! It really pays to have friends with lots of kids...kind of one stop shopping! It was a great birthday weekend and we ended with treats at the preschool on Monday and had a great time there as well. Here are some photo highlights...

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Our own soccer team....

The boys got invited to a birthday party for two boys across the street and it was a soccer theme. They had the best time and came home and played soccer in the back yard until dark. They got to play soccer on the high school field, attend a soccer clinic led by the Waubonsie Girls Soccer Team and got Soccer Team T-shirts that I had to finally pry off of them for baths. Here they are tired out from the big day in their shirts and with the goodie bags (the favorite part of the party around here!) And then a picture of Lake who fell asleep on the kitchen floor while he was supposed to be picking up the papers he knocked off of the table..I guess the game REALLY wore him out. They still are talking about this party!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

And I just took a shower...!!!!!

The other day I left the boys downstairs watching a show while I went upstairs to take a shower. My last words were "Don't fight and don't get into anything...BE GOOD!" Logan followed me upstairs and played in the toyroom upstairs and I got to take a shower for once with no audience and in peace. I finished dressing and came downstairs and thought it smelled really fresh and was very quiet. All of a sudden that occurred to me that should scare me! As I searched for the "fresh air" smell I realized that the back door was wide open! I look out and what do I see? Landon in the center of the backyard in just his underwear and Crocs with mud all over his legs. Lake wasn't far behind but he at least had a pajama top on with his underwear and Crocs. Lawson was wearing jeans and a pajama top (along with Crocs) so he at least was more appropriately dressed. My first instinct was to spank them but I took a deep breathe and grabbed the camera instead. I can't even imagine what the neighbors are thinking about 3 little boys half dressed outside in the early morning! They did get a lecture about going outside without clothes and permission and you can see that I captured the moment in this photo. I guess that I need to add a few things to my list of DON'TS before I take a shower next time!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Only from Lawson.....

Every other Monday is the day that the cleaning lady comes. The boys are never very thrilled since that means after school we have to stay out of her way and it also means that for the next day or two they will have to listen to me nag at them to not make such huge messes. Today we get home from pick up early because Logan was sick and stayed home and that meant we skipped the chiropractor appointment also. I kept them entertained on my bed with our 100th viewing of Atlantis Squarepantis and didn't allow the usual snack in my bathroom. (I typically take pity on them and allow a snack but only if they eat on the tile rather than on my bed!) Today they are hungry and I hear Lawson go to the top of the stairs and yell down "Hey cleaning lady...hey cleaning lady....!" I said "Lawson...what are you doing?!" His answer..? "I just want to see if she will bring us up something to eat!!" I just about died! I quickly explained that although she is very nice...that isn't part of the cleaning deal! Fortunately she doesn't speak much English and was also vacuuming so we are probably safe that she didn't hear him!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday!!!

I can't believe that it has been 5 years since these energetic and sweet little boys have come into our lives. We have had a fun filled day and I will post more details later. Here is one of the first pictures of the boys when they came home from the hospital.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Lawson is a very smart boy....usually. This is one of his less smart tales. I came to the laundry room where all the backpacks and shoes are kept to corral the boys to the car for preschool. What do I see when I walk in the room? Here you go: Now if this isn't shocking enough for someone who is 4 (almost 5) the story gets better. I ask in my most authoritative mom voice "WHO did this?!" Lawson looks at me innocently and instantly says "Landon did it!" Now Landon is also very smart and has been reading for a very long time and writes his name very well too...but...I'm pretty certain that he doesn't know how to write "Lawson!" Long story short (because Logan is whining at my leg about not wanting to go out for dinner....another story for another time!!) Lawson fortunately wrote in washable marker, got privileges taken away and had to do the clean up himself...oh and the worst punishment of all...HE had to tell Steve what he had done when daddy got home! You would think that would be the end of his artistry but Lawson is a free spirit. It was just 12 hours later when I heard Lake yelling for me to see what Lawson had done and sure enough Lawson decided to take pencil to the newly painted walls in the living room! Another day long wait to tell daddy and a spanking to top it off. I do think that Lawson learned his lesson after the second time because my walls and doors have been clean ever since!!