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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Logan says Jewel has turkey....!!!

Last weekend my parents were here to help celebrate the triplets 5th birthday. Logan always loves it when my parents come and he starts to worry about when they will have to leave usually before they even arrive. This trip was no different. He read books with them, went for bike rides and walks and just snuggled up to them whenever he had a chance. He helped grandpa put together the new airplane teeter totter and he loves to help fix things! Of course he asked almost hourly when they were going to have to go back home. Sunday morning came and this was the departure day. Logan tried to think of anything he could to make them stay a little longer. Some ideas were nailing the door shut, hiding grandpa's keys and on and on....Well..they had to go because it is spring turkey hunting season and grandpa had already given the turkeys a 2 day reprieve. I told Logan that grandpa needed to get back to hunt turkeys and Logan through his tears said "doesn't grandpa know that you can buy turkey at the grocery store?!"