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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

And I just took a shower...!!!!!

The other day I left the boys downstairs watching a show while I went upstairs to take a shower. My last words were "Don't fight and don't get into anything...BE GOOD!" Logan followed me upstairs and played in the toyroom upstairs and I got to take a shower for once with no audience and in peace. I finished dressing and came downstairs and thought it smelled really fresh and was very quiet. All of a sudden that occurred to me that should scare me! As I searched for the "fresh air" smell I realized that the back door was wide open! I look out and what do I see? Landon in the center of the backyard in just his underwear and Crocs with mud all over his legs. Lake wasn't far behind but he at least had a pajama top on with his underwear and Crocs. Lawson was wearing jeans and a pajama top (along with Crocs) so he at least was more appropriately dressed. My first instinct was to spank them but I took a deep breathe and grabbed the camera instead. I can't even imagine what the neighbors are thinking about 3 little boys half dressed outside in the early morning! They did get a lecture about going outside without clothes and permission and you can see that I captured the moment in this photo. I guess that I need to add a few things to my list of DON'TS before I take a shower next time!


Kelly said...

Too funny!!!