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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A trip to the eye doctor

Last night I knew that it was Lawson and Lake's turn to go to the eye doctor with daddy. So late at night I did a search for their glasses so they would be ready when Daddy remembered that they were supposed to take them along. Well...I found Lawson's two pairs (another story for another time~) but couldn't find Lake's one pair but knew that they shouldn't be too far. Well..since I know how Steve can be (WHY don't you know where the glasses are? If I were here in charge...I would know where everything is!!) I decided to since Logan has the same color of glasses as Lake (although easy to tell apart if you know the differences and actually have looked at them!)so I would just put them in a case and leave them on the counter. Later I could always say..."Oh you grabbed the wrong pair..." It would buy me a little more time to search. The plan went smoothly and the guys all came back and I asked how it went. Lawson needs to go back in 6 months because one eye seems a little lazy. His eyes were slightly worse so he will need new glasses. Then I asked about Lake...Steve said well the Dr. said that he really missed on the prescription last time and he would need a different prescription too. I then looked at Lake (wearing Logan's glasses) and said..."Well those are Logan's glasses that he is wearing! You must have grabbed the wrong ones!!" It took all I could do not to roll on the floor laughing!! Leave it to two men to think that the prescription is wrong!! I bet it would take one mom to think...hmmmm...4 kids....3 wear glasses...are these THIS kids glasses? The Dr. just saw the other 2 less than a week ago so he knows how many we have. I bet he has been 2nd guessing himself all day! It has made me smile all day long!! Then the other thing that made me smile is the fact that Steve thinks that he is all-knowing and HE didn't recognize the glasses as Logan's. They are Jimmy Neutron glasses and it was a big issue when we got them because they cost more....geesh...anyway...thought it was a funny day. By the way...guess what Lawson found in his backpack on the way to school? Lake's glasses!!


Kelly said...

LOL! I guess Steve doesn't read your blog!

Laura said...

Awesome plan, mom! :-D