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Friday, May 23, 2008

Mom....you wasted my time....!!

Friday is a day off of preschool for the little boys but Logan still has school. When we can I like to schedule the chiropractor on Friday after school so we don't have to go in on Saturday when it takes a little longer. Today we went after school and grabbed Burger King for dinner and came home to eat. Steve called when we were finished about 6:30 and wanted to meet at the HOBO store to look for a new vanity for the master bathroom project. The boys really didn't want to go but I loaded them up anyway and off we went. We met Steve and did our shopping (finding nothing again....!!) We then started home and were almost there when Logan says "Mom...you wasted my time today....since you made us go to Hobo now I dont' have time to play!" Well...sorry Logan! Geesh....I can only guess how much time I've wasted doing errands for him or cleaning up messes or looking for lost items. Kids!!