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Monday, May 5, 2008

Only from Lawson.....

Every other Monday is the day that the cleaning lady comes. The boys are never very thrilled since that means after school we have to stay out of her way and it also means that for the next day or two they will have to listen to me nag at them to not make such huge messes. Today we get home from pick up early because Logan was sick and stayed home and that meant we skipped the chiropractor appointment also. I kept them entertained on my bed with our 100th viewing of Atlantis Squarepantis and didn't allow the usual snack in my bathroom. (I typically take pity on them and allow a snack but only if they eat on the tile rather than on my bed!) Today they are hungry and I hear Lawson go to the top of the stairs and yell down "Hey cleaning lady...hey cleaning lady....!" I said "Lawson...what are you doing?!" His answer..? "I just want to see if she will bring us up something to eat!!" I just about died! I quickly explained that although she is very nice...that isn't part of the cleaning deal! Fortunately she doesn't speak much English and was also vacuuming so we are probably safe that she didn't hear him!


Laura said...

LOL! Just like a man :-D

Kelly said...

LOL!! My kids "talk" to the cleaning people all of the time too. They think that if they talk louder, our non-English speaking cleaning ladies will understand them. I try to get out.