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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Car Conversation today....

I picked up the triplets from school today and while we waited for Logan to get out Lawson mentioned that they learned about hands today at preschool. "Hams?" Lake asked and Lawson replied "NO...Hands with a ds" in his snotty tone he likes to save for his brothers. To save the peace I tried to distract them with conversation. Me:So what did you learn about hands Lawson? Lawson's reply? "We learned that you shouldn't pick your nose and wipe it on furniture or the walls!" Enough said. (By the way I DID ask to make sure this was not directed at a Williams boy and it fortunately was a group lesson!)


Laura said...

WOW! They do teach valuable information at school! My girls just learned about the kelp forests in the ocean...which will come in handy if a) they are ever near an ocean and 2) they are trapped in a kelp forest.

Mishelle said...

That's true....learning that not putting boogers onto walls and furniture is my tax dollars at work!