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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Is is bedtime yet?

Every evening I can't wait for it to be bedtime and I savor the quiet time when they are all so peacefully sleeping. It is quite a job getting to that point and every day I hold hope that it will be earlier rather than later. When I finally go to bed someone has usually made their way into my bed and is snuggled deep under the covers. If is is Logan it means he is turned sideways taking up waaaay more space than a kid his size should. The other three are actually good sleepers and I really like to snuggle in with them as long as it is just one or two at a time. Some nights by morning I have 3 kids in my bed and usually a stray who saunters in as we all wake up. Then the fights begin. If I just had one intruder in the night the others come in one by one as they wake. Now you would think that they could just peacefuly come in and get under the covers....no...they have to come in and fight for a spot next to me. Now I'm not talking about just in the same bed here. They literally HAVE to all be touching me with the full length of their body. I WANT TO BE NEXT TO MOMMY!! "That's my spot!" "He took my spot!" This is all first thing in the morning. What a way to start the day! It is one my favorite times of the day though. They are all sweet and snuggly and still smell like baby soap from their bath. And they are always ready to start the day. The break of sleep makes me really happy to see them. Someone usually brings me the remote control and my glasses and I turn the tv on for them and they watch Curious George or Word World and settle in for another half hour or so under the covers. I think that I am really going to miss this time when they go to school earlier and don't have time to come in or they think they are too big to crawl in my bed in the morning....I hope that it doesn't come too soon! (Although I do kind of wish the coming in the middle of the night would end soo!!) I wonder what would happen if I bought THEM a select comfort mattress for their room...?