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Friday, May 9, 2008

The 5th birthday bash!

It's been almost a week since the big "5" for the trio. They had a great time and got lots of loot. They each got a new bike, new scooter, leapster games, a new airplane teeter totter, Webkins and even giftcards!! That will help extend the birthday gift excitement a little longer and they are looking forward to a trip to Target! I tried to take personal interest into considertion this year rather than 3 of multiple items. As you can see Lawson is a big Spiderman fan and he got a costume to go with his web blaster that he got for Christmas. Lake has been asking for a Power Ranger watch and was excited to get one. Landon got some new art pads and markers (that his brothers have really been eyeing!) We celebrated the birthday with lunch at Burger King and they got their first happy meals (well..not happy at Burger King but still.....) because it had an Ironman toy with it and that is the theme this year. The Iowa grandma and grandpa came over to help us celebrate The Hilbrant girls dropped by and the boys pretty much think that they had a kid party like Logan! It really pays to have friends with lots of kids...kind of one stop shopping! It was a great birthday weekend and we ended with treats at the preschool on Monday and had a great time there as well. Here are some photo highlights...