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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A safe week.....

We have had a busy summer vacation so far this year. We had the week of golf lessons, a week of vacation bible school and last week it was a week at Safety Town in Naperville. Although Logan had his reservations (HE already knew how to be safe!!) they all ended up enjoying it and graduated on Friday. The ceremony didn't end up being such a big deal as it was hyped. I think it was really just a way to get the parents to sit down and listen to the "rules" that they would like us to follow. The week consisted of Seatbelt Safety, 9-1-1 calls, Electric Safety, Animal Safety, Bus Safety, Personal Safety, Railroad Safety, Water Safety, Fire Safety, Paramedics Poisen Awareness and Pedestrian Safety. That seems like a lot of safety which is another reason that it seemed like money well spent to send them. The rode bikes around safety town (lots of small buildings set up like a town) rode on a bus, went through a real smoke house, and got to see a firetruck up close. My favorite part was having lunch with Theresa and Kelly everyday after we dropped all of our kids off. Now this week we are off to Iowa....when is MY vacation....!!??


Kelly said...

Lunch was my favorite part too. How come no picture of that??? ;)

Charlie is having Mishelle, Theresa, Ian & Hadley withdraw...poor little guy.