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Monday, June 30, 2008

A Movie with a "Message"

Saturday night we went to the WALL-E movie that the boys have been waiting to see. It was a Disney movie so I didn't really even look to see what it was about...I just thought it would be good. Not so much....I should have known that it was going to be a rough ride when we had a Landon "incident" at the ticket counter. Since I had a ticket voucher left over from Incredible Hulk that was close to expiration we decided to get tickets to that movie and just go into the WALL-E show. No big deal right? We all stood there while Steve requested the tickets and handed over the voucher. The teen had trouble entering it so we stood there for a LONG time. I don't understand how a child who doesn't hear well suddenly has super sonic hearing at the ticket counter! If Landon said it once...he must have said it 20 times (literally!!!!) "I don't want to see Incredible Hulk ....I want to see WALL-E!! I already saw Incredible Hulk....I want to seeeeee WALL-E!! Landon said it over and over....lucky for us...the cashier was a teenager who obviously can't multi-task. Why does a kid who gets tons of speech therapy have a major break through in intelligibility at a time like this?! We went in....sat down and the show started....I swear the first 45 minutes didn't have any speaking parts...unless you count the whine of a robot. The message of the movie was taking care of the planet and the condition of the human race relying too much on technology and convenience. It had a good message although I think it would go above most kids heads. I could be wrong though because Logan leaned over and asked if that is what happens if we don't recycle. I wish that I could have just written a $50 check to greenspace.org rather than waste an 1 1/2 hours of my life or at least been warned! Oh well...space chimps has to be better right? The boys were glued to the movie and since we went for them that is what really matters in the end.