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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Worst Mom ever...

As I've said my kids have been going to vacation bible school all week and on the 2nd day a leader handed me 4 iron on transfers of the week's theme. Well...I couldn't see going to the trouble of going to get shirts, washing the shirts, ironing on animated test-tubes that are going to peel off in a day and needing to wash them daily to wear the next day. Besides the boys didn't mention that they wanted to wear them and they knew that i had them. The boys have cute clothes in their closets...they can wear them. Fast forward to today....the actually ask to have shirts made. There is ONE freakin' day left of bible school but they asked so Logan and I went to buy shirts tonight. I get the shirts...wash and dry them and now I can't find an iron. I cleaned out the back hall closet earlier this year and put in new shelves...surely I didn't throw away the iron? Maybe I did....I don't iron typically...everything goes to the drycleaners....so here I am at almost midnight trying to decide whether i should run to Meijer (the only place that I can think of that is open and has irons) and buy a new iron. I've looked everywhere I can think of in the house....UGh....I don't want to explain to the boys in the morning why they don't have shirts. I'm a bad mom.

Edited to add: Borrowed Kelly's iron....did the shirts and here is a photo...do they look like they appreciate all of my hardwork?