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Friday, June 13, 2008


We have officially completed (and survived) our first full week of summer "vacation!" Let me just say that I am worn out!! We have done the dentist, the pediatrician (4 shots each for the little boys) the eye doctor and a week of golf lessons for Logan. Add in our usual chiropractor visits 2-3 times a week and our speech/OT appointment you definatly could say it has been busy!! I was looking forward to summer where I could get some projects done around the house and wouldn't have to be running between the schools all day. Maybe next week will be slower? Logan really enjoyed his golf lessons though so it was all worth it. While he golfed with the Coyle brothers the other boys along with baby Charlie explored Philips Park. We went to the small zoo there, visited the playground, and walked the sunken flower garden. They loved it and all looked forward to going there each day. We filled our spare home time learning about the Ocean and things that live in it and will continue that next week too. We have been making "Ocean" books and practicing our letter writing along with reading. We dug for seashells in the sand and will be making some ocean in a bottle next week along with some blue edible aquariums complete with candy fish. Logan even spent several hours making an Ocean diarama (that was fun! NOT!) We also checked out some books from the library about fish ...only 74 more days to entertain these guys before our tax dollars go to work!!