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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Logan my worker bee.....

One of the most interesting things about having 4 children from the same two parents is watching the things that make them so different from each other. It constantly amazes me especially of the little boys of how different their personalities vary from each other and they have had the same upbringing, environment, exposure to things etc from day one. Besides being born on the same day they even were released from the hospital on the same day. (Vary rare according to the nurses!) Logan I can see being different because he was an only child for 14 months with lots of one on one attention and I really don't think that I ever put him down for the first year. The point that I'm getting at is that my boys are VERY different when it comes to their work ethic!! I'm not sure what this means exactly at the tender ages of 5 and 6 but it definitely is showing some discrepancies already! Logan is the worker bee....that kid works like a dog helping his dad with the outside work!! We had mulch delivered a few weeks ago and he was up almost before Steve was dressed and ready to go. He shoveled, he hauled and unloaded ALL day long! Steve would take a break and that little boy would keep working. He thrives on yard work. The other boys? Not so much....sure the dabbled a little bit digging a little here and there but really the worker was Logan. At the end he even got a paycheck. He made $20 when the work was done for the day. Steve called them all in and made a big production of praising Logan for his work and presented him with his money. And of course Landon as usual...."What about me?!" Lake and Lawson just grinned. Each of the little boys got $1. The funny part is that the lesson was lost because when we got to Target to spend the money...the Dollar Spot was a big hit! Now in case anyone is thinking that Logan is the perfect child...he is not. He is the same kid who will spend hours whining because he doesn't want to clean up the toy room when the job would have taken 20 minutes. He also typically asks for cash for doing it or any other inside job. If there is a toy he is wanting (and this kids wants a lot of different toys!!) he nags you to find him a job for extra cash but then rejects the job until he finds one he WANTS to do. A favorite request of his is washing my kitchen floor. Now that SOUNDS like a good idea but let me tell you it isn't! Washing my floor means that Logan gets the rags out...dips them in a bucket of water (or the powder room sink) and brings it back to the floor (without wringing it out) leaving it sopping wet. So in the end the floor is covered in water, the other boys are crying because they have fallen on it and the powder room needs cleaned up too all the while Logan is asking for his cash (in dimes no less!!) Today the boys helped Steve wash his car. I ran to do some errands so I'm not sure who did the most work on this project but I'm guessing my the wetness of Logan's shoes that he isn't improving on the wringing out a sponge of extra water but he IS still my worker bee.