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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Our Sunday

We had a Sunday last weekend just like I had when I was growing up. It started by getting ready for church (not something that I typically have the energy for....getting 4 extra people ready is not a good time and I never did have the right shoes!!) We then got the boys to the appointed meeting spot for the practice for the VBS program and Lake completely melts down. He is not much for "performing" and even after a "talk" with Steve he didn't want to do it so I decided to take him with me. I totally "get" how he feels because public performances aren't my thing either. I remember in grade school I actually got sick for performances I was scheduled for in orchestra and band. So much for playing the violin or clarinet...the end of my music career!! LOL. So Steve, Lake and I proceeded to the sanctuary to wait the big performance. In walk the kids with Lawson clinging to the neck of the leader! Logan and Landon came in fine so I guess 50/50 isn't a total failure on our parenting!! AND Lawson wasn't crying...but he did look terrified! Again..he gets in naturally! The performance went off without a hitch and was really cute. The picture is a little blurry but you can see Logan with his hands up. After the kids performed they came to sit with us and I again remembered why we don't go each week. They were better than last time but still far from perfect! I guess it takes practice? After church...just like when I was a kid...we went our for lunch. Logan of course didn't want to go because he doesn't like "resternots!" He did go (what choice did he have?! and we had a good time. The boys love Red Robin and the little boys ate a lot of food! Logan had a milkshake and drank most of my freckled lemonade so he was happy in the end. They finished off the trip with a round of video games in the arcade area. Here are a few glimpses of that. We did stray from my growing up tradition of a nap (WHY did I hate that part back then?) but otherwise...it was the same!