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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Vacation Bible School

The boys started VBS yesterday and of course Logan was NOT going! "I don't want to learn about God" was an exact quote! I have to admit to saying an immediate prayer that he wouldn't express that once he got to the church! He whined and cried until I found his group and pushed him in the leaders direction. I usually feel bad if they are nervous about something but I still had Lake clinging to me crying like a 2 year old so I was distracted. I finally got him off of me and headed for the door. Of course when I got back they were all excited and had a great time. Today the drop off went much better except Landon was stressed when he had to go into the big room where the acoustics really mess with his hearing. He loves the parts in between but doesn't like the beginning or ending. I have to figure out how to solve that issue by tomorrow. I'm thinking maybe taking them late and picking them up early. Great...my free 3 hours is getting trimmed down and we aren't even half way done yet!! They are learning so much and have so many questions when they get home it is really cute. Lawson said to me on the way out to the car today "Thank You for bringing me to vacation bible school!" I thought that was so sweet and then even sweeter when I read their "homework" which talked about how they could honor God...one of the things was to thank the person who brought them to VBS. This kid is quick! I am happy he likes it because he spent the whole morning on Monday worried that I wouldn't remember to pick them up! Another thing to honor God was to take a walk (which in our house...the boys decided to drag the bikes out) and pick 5 things that we are grateful to God for. Logan brought a pencil and paper (which of course I had to carry) and stopped to make his list.
1. trees
2. grass
3. birds
4. pine cones
5. friends
Another cute moment today was Logan was in trouble and was banned from a birthday party he is to go to tomorrow. Lawson then spilled his orange drink and Logan said "Lawson...I will clean it up!" He then looked at me and said "God wants us to help people." I was quite impressed and told him that I was proud of him for helping without expecting anything or being asked. He had earned back the privilege of the party. I think he was really proud of himself too and I hope that he learned a lesson out of it. On another VBS note yesterday Lawson came home and complained to me that I forgot to send his snack. I explained that I wasn't supposed to send a snack and that they would give him one. He said that he wanted an M&M cookie and they wouldn't let him because he may be allergic an they made him eat pretzels. I didn't think much of it but thought maybe I had written down his allergy to eggs and milk. WEll today comes and I go shopping and my cell phone rings. I answer it and it goes dead. I immediately get nervous and head to the church (just in case!) Sure enough....they had accidently fed Lawson and Landon chocolate pudding. After they were finished someone remember/noticed that this would have milk in it at least. I reassured them their allergies aren't life threating so were are all good. I am now nervous for Logan because his allergy to nuts could be more serious. he won't be going tomorrow but I will talk to his leader just to double check the procedure for him and send in his own snack. Other than these little incidnets....the boys love it and love the crafts, songs, etc and can't wait to go back! I wish that it could last all summer!!


Laura said...

Are you doing "God's Big Backyard"? If you are, let me know before dinner tonight and I'll bring a present for the boys (the CD)!

Mishelle said...

No..the theme is Power Lab (I think)...is that your theme this year? It sounds like insects...they would love that theme!!