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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Happy Meals, Oprah and House Flipping Ben 10

For excitement today (and to keep my house clean on the day the cleaning lady comes) I took the boys to McDonalds for Happy Meals. As I've stated before...we rarely get these since the toys are junk and they mainly don't eat the food. It was Transformer toys though and since they usually don't ask for Happy Meals (at least don't whine for them...) I decided I would surprise them. We stood at the display for a good 5 minutes and then finally got to order our food. The poor lady had to search a big bin to get all of their character selections and finally we sat down at a table to eat. Since they were such a captive audience and were playing transformers with each other the conversation turned to tv....I asked each boy what his favorite tv show is. Landon said his is Spongebob, Lake said Blue's Clues and Teletubbies (which he never watches either so I'm not sure why/where those came from. Logan and Lawson both said Ben 10. What a shocker...hmmm....it is what almost every conversation etc is about at our house right now. Anyway in the midst of all of this Lake says, "Mom...what's your favorite show?" I thought this was very sweet and smart of him to ask and so I thought a minute and answered that I like Flip that House. Actually he loves this show too and usually comes to watch with me sitting on my lap or next to me. He smiled and said "And Oprah too!" I was really impressed that he is observant enough to pull that one out. Of course it probably is because I tivo it every day and it switches from Ben 10 or Johny Test. It was still cute and he really is a charmer! The boys played with their new plastic toys until bedtime and my house stayed clean for another day!