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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A full trip....

We went to Iowa last Wednesday night and stayed until Sunday. The boys had a great time and have been waking up every morning asking if we can go back today. Ugh...they travel well but not so well that I want to make a 4 1/2 hour car trip everyday. Not to mention at gas hitting $4.59 they will have to chose between visiting Iowa or going to college. I'm guessing as busy as they are in Iowa and entertained...they will be picking Iowa.

Logan had a mental list of things that he needed to accomplish while on his "vacation" and luckily he did get to them all. We added one extra on the last morning (mini-golf) that we didn't end up getting to and he complained for awhile but otherwise was happy. We ended up going to the pool, hitting the park (where I don't think they have painted the rocket slide since I was a kid!) fishing, golfing, riding grandpa's ATV and Gator, fireworks and making cookies with Aunt Kim. I think that was all but things have been crazy since we got back so I may have already forgotten something. They camped out on one of the guestroom floors every night and crashed hard. Lake got lots of Grandpa time and even fell asleep on him. Everywhere that Grandpa went Lake went....Landon fell asleep on Grandma as they had their own private movie night while the other two where doing the cookie baking. Of course we also hit Super Walmart and Jaasma bakery daily, and watched Spiderman....always must dos when we go there! Nothing like stimulating the economy...our duty

Here are some photo highlights....