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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Brotherly Love

Logan and Lawson play together a lot. They fight like all brothers and act like they don't like each other sometimes but they really do look out for each other. If I have one of them with me and we are getting candy they want to make sure I have enough for everyone. They are always planning on gifts for each others next birthday. Logan is already saving his money for a Ben 10 watch for Lawson's May birthday! I was emptying my camera this morning and ran across these two pictures from last week. Note the new scar on Lawson's forehead...courtesy of Logan as the two watch tv together (fighting over a toy a few weeks ago!) They like the same tv shows, the same toys (see previous scar comment) and sometimes the same food. They are a pretty good fit even though Logan isn't a triplet. On the other hand...the day playing on the waterslide was a day full of "Mommy...Logan squirted me...Mommy...Logan..."etc. Look...here they are shooting each other with water guns. These two can be very high maintenance but they sure look sweet together when they are being nice!!