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Friday, July 25, 2008

"Flipping" This House!

Ok..so maybe the title is a little exagerated since we are only redoing the master bathroom right now AND we have no plans to move or sell at this time but I do love Flip That House on TLC so I used it OK?! Back in December we had a leak down to the kitchen ceiling...3 plumbers and almost 7 months later we are finally making some progress on the redo. The jacuzzi tub (who had a bad seal...basically a $3 part) is fixed and the bigger money is pouring out! So far the demo is done and the floor tile went in yesterday. The vanities are sitting in the garage and tile for the tub will be installed on Monday. I'm coordinating electricians for the new lighting, plumber for faucets and then carpet cleaners for the room next door when the water seeped thorough. I'll try to post some before and after pictures and you can judge for yourself if 4 years of Interior Design School paid off. With 4 small boys....at least Steve has his own personal interior designer for now. We will see if I feel like taking on new clients when this deal is done!! The boys love it all for now and try to observe anytime they can sneak out of my sight!


Kelly said...

If you are taking clients, sign me up!! Can't wait to see the finished product.