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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Today's Progress

Here is the latest progress...the vanities are in but we are waiting for the water and the faucets to be hooked up. Some tile adjustments need to be made so that's the hold up right now. I need to still buy towel bars, waste cans, soap dispensers etc and I'm dying to get out shopping for other stuff to put in it once I make a few more decisions. I'm still deciding on mirrors, paint color and towel color and of course the art work. Decisions...decisions. I miss my job! Note the ugly wallpaper that was hiding behind the old mirror.


Jennifer said...

I LOVE your new vanities and faucets... absolutely beautiful! Remodeling is a HUGE project, and I bet you are thrilled to see all of the progress that is taking place. Oh, and the pictures on the right side of your blog (the ones of your boys) are adorable!!!