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Friday, April 4, 2008

Survivor.....Oakhurst Style

Today was the last day of the boys spring break and I think that I survived. I really should consider joining the reality show because being the mom to 4 boys is great training. Steve worked all week until midnight and tomorrow it will be really nice to have reenforcements! I had lots of projects this week but I'm sure I will have many more when I analyze the damage that the boys did around the house while I was working upstairs on my closet project. I came down once and Landon had "fed" the beta fish. Not good...he had pulled up a chair and dumped half the bottle of food in there. The fish is supposed to have 3 grains twice a day...oops...hopefully I saved him in time! Someone helped himself to a can of diet pepsi (and spilled it of course) and I think that they must have fed themselves several boxes of fruit-rollups. You can see from the window picture that I guess someone must have been wanting to look outside and the "art" that they worked on this morning became shredded and spread around the living room. Note the smears all over the tv also. I'm still not sure what that is. They spent much of the time in my office hogging my computer. They fought over it constantly and left quite a lot of trash on the floor along with half of their toys and books. They never did get dressed today (although Lake requested clothes about 5 minutes before bedtime!) I think one of them must have come up complaining about another at least every 5 minutes. Landon whacked Lawson in the face and left his nose scratched and bleeding (most likely over the computer!!) I did keep coming down to check on them and fix the required lunch but these guys are sneaky and work fast! Here are a few pictures around mid-afternoon. Unbelievable how big of mess that they can make in a very short amount of time. There are many days I feel like I live in a fraternity house or am at least a contestant on Survivor!


Kelly said...

Ouch!!! At least your closet looks good...right?!?!?!

Congrats on *surviving* spring break.