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Friday, April 18, 2008

A visit to the cat room....

Yesterday was the end of the unit party for Lawson in the cat room. The parents all get invited to see the work the kids have done for the unit that is ending. Lawson's class has been working on maps, travel and airplanes. Lawson had lots to show me. He was very excited about the cardboard airplane that they constructed and named Rainbow Airlines. I got to sit in it and Lawson flew me to Hawai. He showed me the map where they have been plotting all of the postcards the class has been receiving from around the US. Then he sifted through the pile to see which ones our friends have sent. He drew, read books to me and basically just reveled in the one on one attention that only a triplet in a family of 4 kids can do. It also was dress as your mascot day so he was dressed as a cat. I also got a treat because it was ALL School Sing Along day and all the students went into the hallway to sing "Slippery Fish." We saw Landon and he was adorable singing and signing the song. He wasn't quite so adorable when we went to fetch him though before he was done riding bikes. Lake was thrilled but Landon?....Not so much! I had fun, I fot to see all 3 little boys, and Lawson was happy that I came. The poor kid must have thanked me 100 times. I can't wait until next time! We are really going to miss this school next year.


Laura said...

So cute! What an awesome costume!