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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Man down.....

Poor Lake. We went on some errands today and on the last stop he was injured. It started when we stopped at Trader Joes for a few things and Steve decided to go next door to Play it Again Sports. Lawson went with him and of course the other 3 went with lucky me! The problems started when there was only one mini-cart. Landon was upset right away and finally I convinced Logan to give him the first push. A lady then took pity on me (she has twin boys at home) and rounded up another cart for me. Not sure if this helped or not because now I had two kids ramming into the back of each others ankles.... but we were off! Got bananas, got baby carrots....Landon gets upset because he wants carrot in HIS cart and they are in Logan's. I threaten to leave and give the cart to Lake and attempt to put Landon in the big cart. He fights it so I decide that we are done being a spectacle today. We don't need food this bad! I literally drag Landon out of the store with Lake crying because he doesn't want to leave while trailing behind. Logan is just confused because he was good and now we are leaving. We get to PIAS and find Steve and Lawson just browsing at the golf clubs. Landon starts to empty out a basket of golf weights and I take him to go to the front of the store. By this time Lawson is also with me so I have 3 little boys trailing behind me in a crowded, cramped used sports equiptment store as I drag Landon. We get almost to the front and as I turn I see Lake stepping up onto a stairmaster machine...before I could tell him to get down he steps and loses his balance and falls directly forward and whacks his head right between the eyes on the metal bar! OUCH! I'm scared to pick him up and look because the sound was deadening. He was crying hysterically and he is one tough kid. Luckily he only had a little scratch but already a huge bruise was forming along with a lump. I'm still not certain if his nose is broken or not. I tried to see where he was hurt and saw blood in his mouth too but am not sure where that came from. Maybe he bit his mouth when he fell. As I try to comfort him and access the damage the other boys start to climb on things!! Ohe even started to climb on the same machine Lake just fell on. Steve is still nowhere to be found and I am shocked that he wasn't alerted by Lake's cries or my yelling at the other boys to sit down on the floor before they hurt themselves!! God knows the rest of the packed store heard me AND Lake! Finally I get the boys all sitting down and Lake stops crying and finally Steve comes up and looks surprised that there was a problem. I carried Lake to the car and decided that an emergency room visit probably wasn't warranted so we went home. Lake sat on my lap for an hour watching Spongebob (another big treat for mommy...) and then seemed as good as new at least until bedtime when he requested medicine. I asked him if his head hurt and he said "No mommy...my nose hurts!" So a dose of Tylenol and off he went. I checked on the boys after running to the store and he was missing and has already made a spot for himself in my bed. I have a feeling that it is going to be a long night. I'll post pictures of the injury later.