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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Should I turn in my momcard?

On Monday Logan had really runny eyes and nose and seemed miserable and didn't want to go to school. His allergies had kicked in and I took sympathy and kept him home. There went my planned pedicure and a trip to the store I really needed to make. Remember I have had the boys home for a week already and Steve was gone most of that. Tuesday came around and his meds had kicked in but he was waffling about going. Very strange coming from him because he is really upset to miss when he has the flu, strep, pinkeye etc. I finally figured out that he was trying to miss gym. Well...coming from someone who also hated gymclass....I made him go. Now in kindergarten gym isn't like the kind that I hated. No special uniforms, no showers and no sweating and no running drills. He doesn't like it because he dreads a game that they don't even play. Mr. Fox. He was just certain that they would be playing it so he didn't want to wear his tennis shoes...he would be wearing his Crocs. I tucked the tennis shoes into his backpack anyway and off we went to drop the little boys off at preschool. Well...Logan is a little too smart for me because when we stopped off back at home with our lunch he brought them back inside. I said Logan you will be in trouble if you don't take those for gymclass...his response? "Sometimes moms forget to pack kids shoes in the backpacks." I reminded him that his mom DIDN"T forget and he had better take them. I could see that he was stressed about it so I didn't say anything but I tossed then into the car. As we arrived he still refused to take them and I debated about whether to take them into the office for delivery or let him take the consequences. I decided on the latter and thought he would see that they weren't going to play that game and his punishment would be having to sit out and watch the other kids have fun. Well...fast forward to after school and I asked the teachers aide how the day went and mentioned the shoes. She said that she noticed that he didn't have them but when asked he just told her that he "forgot" them. So now I am wondering ...did I do the right thing or should I have forced the issue...I guess I won't know until I see how much therapy he needs in a few years! This mom job is tough!


Laura said...

I think you did the right thing! Now the teachers know of his fear of Mr. Fox and maybe they can send home a note before gym days that says that they won't be playing it so he's not afraid to bring his shoes.

Kelly said...

Yup, turn it in. Then take a long vacation someplace sunny and warm and quiet. Then you can come back and re-claim it.