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Saturday, April 26, 2008

A thought to ponder.....

Here is a conversation Logan and I had tonight. Logan: Mom what is a caveman? Me: Well...it was the people who lived a long time ago and they lived in caves and hunted for their food. They didn't have language yet and communicated by grunting and pointing. He seemed satisfied with that and thought that was silly and then came the big question...."well how did they play baseball if they couldn't talk?" I knew exactly what he was thinking when he said it....but I started questioning anyway. Me: Hmmm...why do you think that they played baseball? Logan: Well all the pictures show them with a wooden bat. I then had to explain that was for hunting and protection. They might need to fight off dinosaurs or wild animals. It was really hard not to start laughing. First the kid is very observant and has a mind like a encyclopedia and secondly...only Steve's child would make some connection between sports and a caveman. Who knows...maybe he right?! Apparently males haven't evolved as far as we had hoped!