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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The First Field Trip....

It was a big day here at our house. Logan had his first field trip at school and he was very excited but a little bit stressed. They went to Morton Arboretum in Downers Grove to end their science unit. They have been talking about the trip at school to prepare the kids and Logan had a lot to say both at school and at home about it. He was excited about getting to ride the bus although he thinks that the driver decides where they will be going. It took me quite some time to convince him that Ms. Louis tells the driver where they are headed. Mrs. D (the teachers aid in the class)at the beginning of the week said that they had been talking about things they might see on the trip and Logan may have some questions about poison ivy. "Does Grandpa know what it is? Has he seen it? What does it look like? Ok...I got all of those answered except for the fact that I said no I can't show you what it looks like up close but I'm pretty sure Ms. Louis will keep you away from it the best she can. During class the kids were told to bring a sack lunch and make sure that it is disposable (so much for Tuesday and Earth Day!!) Logan informed Mrs Louis "My mom doesn't let me use paper sacks! She only lets us use plastic!" I'm still not sure where that came from. I made a point of sending him with a paper sack with his lunch in it. In true Logan fashion....that was a ordeal too. He wouldn't take a peanut butter sandwich (fake pb of course) because people might think it is real peanut butter and "your not 'llowed to take pb to school!" He still hasn't realized that it is because of HIM that they aren't allowed to bring it! So I sent him with a throw away bowl of Lucky Charms, apple juice and cinnamon graham crackers. I'm sure the mom's that chaperoned wondered what I was thinking sending in breakfast food! Another disaster diverted. Also in the discussions at school they were told they didn't need to bring their backpacks. Again...true Logan fashion..he insisted to Mrs. D that he would need to bring it to carry all of his things. She questioned him on what he was planning to bring and he made a list.... his lunch (she told him to bring it in a bag) sunscreen (she said put it on at home) squito pellent, (again she said put it on at home) his hat (she told him to wear it.) He did seem finally convinced. Now you would think that this was quite enough information for Logan to plan his trip but he was still a little nervous about the "hike in the woods" as he called it. Would it be dark? Would it be scary? Would there be bears? What about fox? Of course this all led back to needing a backpack to carry a flashlight!! He also was stressed about his shoes. If he wore his new ones would they get dirty? What if his old shoes would come untied? I reassured him that there would be lots of mom helpers to tie his shoe and all would be fine. In the end we did make it to school with just a hat on his head, a white paper bag holding his cereal, and a disposable camera that I gave him at the last minute to store in the sweatshirt that he resisted taking. He came home exhausted and full of excitement and had a lot to say. One of his favorite parts was taking pictures along the way. We ended it with a trip for ice cream with just the two of us before we picked up the little boys from preschool and he says he can't wait for the next fieldtrip! I on the other hand need a rest before tackling another one of those!