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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Landon has been feeling under the weather the last few days. His allergies flare up whenever we have an extreme weather change and this has been a bad week. Last night he woke up trying to hack up a lung so I took him downstairs to get a nebulizer treatment. We had done it the night before and he really enjoys getting held and getting to watch tv in the middle of the night. I sat him down and told him I would turn a show on for him while I got the medicine ready. He was fine with that but requested a blanket. I didn't have one so I gave him a clean beach towel out of the pile. He looked at me and very clearly said...."Mommy..that's not a blanket that's called a towel!" If you know Landon you know that is a whole lot of sentence coming out of him especially when his ears are full of fluid and he is hearing even less than usual. Of course I then caved and went upstairs and got him a blanket!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

A thought to ponder.....

Here is a conversation Logan and I had tonight. Logan: Mom what is a caveman? Me: Well...it was the people who lived a long time ago and they lived in caves and hunted for their food. They didn't have language yet and communicated by grunting and pointing. He seemed satisfied with that and thought that was silly and then came the big question...."well how did they play baseball if they couldn't talk?" I knew exactly what he was thinking when he said it....but I started questioning anyway. Me: Hmmm...why do you think that they played baseball? Logan: Well all the pictures show them with a wooden bat. I then had to explain that was for hunting and protection. They might need to fight off dinosaurs or wild animals. It was really hard not to start laughing. First the kid is very observant and has a mind like a encyclopedia and secondly...only Steve's child would make some connection between sports and a caveman. Who knows...maybe he right?! Apparently males haven't evolved as far as we had hoped!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The First Field Trip....

It was a big day here at our house. Logan had his first field trip at school and he was very excited but a little bit stressed. They went to Morton Arboretum in Downers Grove to end their science unit. They have been talking about the trip at school to prepare the kids and Logan had a lot to say both at school and at home about it. He was excited about getting to ride the bus although he thinks that the driver decides where they will be going. It took me quite some time to convince him that Ms. Louis tells the driver where they are headed. Mrs. D (the teachers aid in the class)at the beginning of the week said that they had been talking about things they might see on the trip and Logan may have some questions about poison ivy. "Does Grandpa know what it is? Has he seen it? What does it look like? Ok...I got all of those answered except for the fact that I said no I can't show you what it looks like up close but I'm pretty sure Ms. Louis will keep you away from it the best she can. During class the kids were told to bring a sack lunch and make sure that it is disposable (so much for Tuesday and Earth Day!!) Logan informed Mrs Louis "My mom doesn't let me use paper sacks! She only lets us use plastic!" I'm still not sure where that came from. I made a point of sending him with a paper sack with his lunch in it. In true Logan fashion....that was a ordeal too. He wouldn't take a peanut butter sandwich (fake pb of course) because people might think it is real peanut butter and "your not 'llowed to take pb to school!" He still hasn't realized that it is because of HIM that they aren't allowed to bring it! So I sent him with a throw away bowl of Lucky Charms, apple juice and cinnamon graham crackers. I'm sure the mom's that chaperoned wondered what I was thinking sending in breakfast food! Another disaster diverted. Also in the discussions at school they were told they didn't need to bring their backpacks. Again...true Logan fashion..he insisted to Mrs. D that he would need to bring it to carry all of his things. She questioned him on what he was planning to bring and he made a list.... his lunch (she told him to bring it in a bag) sunscreen (she said put it on at home) squito pellent, (again she said put it on at home) his hat (she told him to wear it.) He did seem finally convinced. Now you would think that this was quite enough information for Logan to plan his trip but he was still a little nervous about the "hike in the woods" as he called it. Would it be dark? Would it be scary? Would there be bears? What about fox? Of course this all led back to needing a backpack to carry a flashlight!! He also was stressed about his shoes. If he wore his new ones would they get dirty? What if his old shoes would come untied? I reassured him that there would be lots of mom helpers to tie his shoe and all would be fine. In the end we did make it to school with just a hat on his head, a white paper bag holding his cereal, and a disposable camera that I gave him at the last minute to store in the sweatshirt that he resisted taking. He came home exhausted and full of excitement and had a lot to say. One of his favorite parts was taking pictures along the way. We ended it with a trip for ice cream with just the two of us before we picked up the little boys from preschool and he says he can't wait for the next fieldtrip! I on the other hand need a rest before tackling another one of those!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Things I didn't know I needed...

These are just a few of the things that I didn't know that I was missing out on until the boys saw them on tv. Whenever they see a commercial for something they immediately get very excited yelling for me to come and see. Apparently my purse is too messy because Logan and Lawson always call the Buxton purse organizer to my attention. Logan thought that my clothes could use some sprucing up with some jewels with the bedazzler. I'm a little concerned about the magic putty. They insist that I need it because I need to fix things. What they have broken and hidden I still don't know. The other thing that I always get called to the tv for is the Krazy Cutter. I have a feeling that some little budding artist probably has his eye on it himself!! The final thing that has been getting extra attention is a glass bulb that waters plants called the Aqua Globe. For some reason these boys are obsessed with it. I have tried and tried to tell them that I don't need that but I just can't convince them. I don't even have any plants inside the house but when I informed them of that fact they said "But you can use it outside too...it says so on tv!!" I have a feeling that if they knew where my credit card is kept...I would be getting one for Mother's Day. They will will be sure to mention that it comes in 4 different colors and if you buy one you get 3 for free!! I think that we may need to cut back on the amount of time the tv is on.....

Friday, April 18, 2008

A visit to the cat room....

Yesterday was the end of the unit party for Lawson in the cat room. The parents all get invited to see the work the kids have done for the unit that is ending. Lawson's class has been working on maps, travel and airplanes. Lawson had lots to show me. He was very excited about the cardboard airplane that they constructed and named Rainbow Airlines. I got to sit in it and Lawson flew me to Hawai. He showed me the map where they have been plotting all of the postcards the class has been receiving from around the US. Then he sifted through the pile to see which ones our friends have sent. He drew, read books to me and basically just reveled in the one on one attention that only a triplet in a family of 4 kids can do. It also was dress as your mascot day so he was dressed as a cat. I also got a treat because it was ALL School Sing Along day and all the students went into the hallway to sing "Slippery Fish." We saw Landon and he was adorable singing and signing the song. He wasn't quite so adorable when we went to fetch him though before he was done riding bikes. Lake was thrilled but Landon?....Not so much! I had fun, I fot to see all 3 little boys, and Lawson was happy that I came. The poor kid must have thanked me 100 times. I can't wait until next time! We are really going to miss this school next year.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Grandpa's boys

The boys love nothing more than a visit from grandma and grandpa. They talk about it and anticipate it for weeks before the event. This is a picture from last year for Landon, Lawson and Lakes' birthday when grandma and grandpa came for a visit. It's almost time for them to come again but unless I want to hear 1000 times a day "Are they coming today?" I'm not mentioning it for awhile. Poor Logan starts stressing about when they are leaving usually before they even get clear over here from Iowa. The little boys are much less intense and just live in the minute. Afterward they ask a lot where they went and why but obviously aren't natural planners like Logan. We can't wait for them to come!! I hope that they are resting up!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Look Mommy stickers.....!!!!

Nothing is sacred in a house full of little boys!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Just gettin' comfortable.....

I found this picture on my camera and it makes me laugh. We were over in Oakbrook at the Great Indoors looking at things for redoing the master bathroom. When we were getting ready to leave we stopped by the entertainment section where all the theatre systems are displayed complete with leather furniture. It obviously is a men's dreamland and probably where most sit while the wife shops. Well....Lake made himself right at home and started watching a show. The other boys were on a different couch but were just as comfortable. I had to threaten leaving them there before they would actually get up. Like father like son....

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Man down.....

Poor Lake. We went on some errands today and on the last stop he was injured. It started when we stopped at Trader Joes for a few things and Steve decided to go next door to Play it Again Sports. Lawson went with him and of course the other 3 went with lucky me! The problems started when there was only one mini-cart. Landon was upset right away and finally I convinced Logan to give him the first push. A lady then took pity on me (she has twin boys at home) and rounded up another cart for me. Not sure if this helped or not because now I had two kids ramming into the back of each others ankles.... but we were off! Got bananas, got baby carrots....Landon gets upset because he wants carrot in HIS cart and they are in Logan's. I threaten to leave and give the cart to Lake and attempt to put Landon in the big cart. He fights it so I decide that we are done being a spectacle today. We don't need food this bad! I literally drag Landon out of the store with Lake crying because he doesn't want to leave while trailing behind. Logan is just confused because he was good and now we are leaving. We get to PIAS and find Steve and Lawson just browsing at the golf clubs. Landon starts to empty out a basket of golf weights and I take him to go to the front of the store. By this time Lawson is also with me so I have 3 little boys trailing behind me in a crowded, cramped used sports equiptment store as I drag Landon. We get almost to the front and as I turn I see Lake stepping up onto a stairmaster machine...before I could tell him to get down he steps and loses his balance and falls directly forward and whacks his head right between the eyes on the metal bar! OUCH! I'm scared to pick him up and look because the sound was deadening. He was crying hysterically and he is one tough kid. Luckily he only had a little scratch but already a huge bruise was forming along with a lump. I'm still not certain if his nose is broken or not. I tried to see where he was hurt and saw blood in his mouth too but am not sure where that came from. Maybe he bit his mouth when he fell. As I try to comfort him and access the damage the other boys start to climb on things!! Ohe even started to climb on the same machine Lake just fell on. Steve is still nowhere to be found and I am shocked that he wasn't alerted by Lake's cries or my yelling at the other boys to sit down on the floor before they hurt themselves!! God knows the rest of the packed store heard me AND Lake! Finally I get the boys all sitting down and Lake stops crying and finally Steve comes up and looks surprised that there was a problem. I carried Lake to the car and decided that an emergency room visit probably wasn't warranted so we went home. Lake sat on my lap for an hour watching Spongebob (another big treat for mommy...) and then seemed as good as new at least until bedtime when he requested medicine. I asked him if his head hurt and he said "No mommy...my nose hurts!" So a dose of Tylenol and off he went. I checked on the boys after running to the store and he was missing and has already made a spot for himself in my bed. I have a feeling that it is going to be a long night. I'll post pictures of the injury later.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

They LOOK so innocent......

Steve got back from his business trip this morning and luckily the boys waited to trash the house until he had seen that the cleaning lady really did come this week. I've never seen 4 short people make such a mess so quickly!! I mean...on an individual basis they don't seem like such slobs. But when you get them together in a mob any rules of conduct seem to be completely forgotten. If one walks in the door and drops his coat where he stands then the next one has to do that too! Same thing with cups, plates, fruit snack wrappers, kleenex, socks, bread crusts, half eaten sandwiches....the list goes on and on. Don't even get me started on the toy messes. Noone really wants to play with the toys until they are all picked up. There seems to be something very intriguing about toys that are neatly organized and put away along with books that are neatly lined up on the bookshelves. If I had to pick one kid who does the most damage I would have to say it is Landon. He is sooooo sneaky. Last week he slipped away to make a mess in the master bathroom. He dumped my contact lenses down the drain and for some reason put the contact solution into a jar of skin cream...contaminating both. Yesterday he again hit the master bathroom. He rubbed lotion all over the sink, faucet and mirror. Again messed with the new bottle of contact solution and dumped a whole bottle of hair conditioner. In addition he opened Lawson's prescription skin cream and smeared that around with some bright blue toothpaste. Oh...and the toilet bowl brush was out of the holder....I don't even want to know what that was used for! By the time I got them into bed I was beat....I think I will be looking for a lock for that door tomorrow...or maybe some handcuffs....

Friday, April 11, 2008

These are resourceful boys...

The boys have been spending lot of time riding bikes in the garage this week. I don't mind because I just leave the garage door down and the inside door open so I can break up any fights that occur. I will say that this activity is showing the preschool dollars at work. Everyone is riding very well and everyone is asking for their bike helmets. They learned about both mainly at preschool especially the latter.... I haven't gotten out to dig the helmets from winter storage yet but my boys are resourceful!! Here they are when I came out..... Yes...that IS a bucket on Lawson's head!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Should I turn in my momcard?

On Monday Logan had really runny eyes and nose and seemed miserable and didn't want to go to school. His allergies had kicked in and I took sympathy and kept him home. There went my planned pedicure and a trip to the store I really needed to make. Remember I have had the boys home for a week already and Steve was gone most of that. Tuesday came around and his meds had kicked in but he was waffling about going. Very strange coming from him because he is really upset to miss when he has the flu, strep, pinkeye etc. I finally figured out that he was trying to miss gym. Well...coming from someone who also hated gymclass....I made him go. Now in kindergarten gym isn't like the kind that I hated. No special uniforms, no showers and no sweating and no running drills. He doesn't like it because he dreads a game that they don't even play. Mr. Fox. He was just certain that they would be playing it so he didn't want to wear his tennis shoes...he would be wearing his Crocs. I tucked the tennis shoes into his backpack anyway and off we went to drop the little boys off at preschool. Well...Logan is a little too smart for me because when we stopped off back at home with our lunch he brought them back inside. I said Logan you will be in trouble if you don't take those for gymclass...his response? "Sometimes moms forget to pack kids shoes in the backpacks." I reminded him that his mom DIDN"T forget and he had better take them. I could see that he was stressed about it so I didn't say anything but I tossed then into the car. As we arrived he still refused to take them and I debated about whether to take them into the office for delivery or let him take the consequences. I decided on the latter and thought he would see that they weren't going to play that game and his punishment would be having to sit out and watch the other kids have fun. Well...fast forward to after school and I asked the teachers aide how the day went and mentioned the shoes. She said that she noticed that he didn't have them but when asked he just told her that he "forgot" them. So now I am wondering ...did I do the right thing or should I have forced the issue...I guess I won't know until I see how much therapy he needs in a few years! This mom job is tough!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Survivor.....Oakhurst Style

Today was the last day of the boys spring break and I think that I survived. I really should consider joining the reality show because being the mom to 4 boys is great training. Steve worked all week until midnight and tomorrow it will be really nice to have reenforcements! I had lots of projects this week but I'm sure I will have many more when I analyze the damage that the boys did around the house while I was working upstairs on my closet project. I came down once and Landon had "fed" the beta fish. Not good...he had pulled up a chair and dumped half the bottle of food in there. The fish is supposed to have 3 grains twice a day...oops...hopefully I saved him in time! Someone helped himself to a can of diet pepsi (and spilled it of course) and I think that they must have fed themselves several boxes of fruit-rollups. You can see from the window picture that I guess someone must have been wanting to look outside and the "art" that they worked on this morning became shredded and spread around the living room. Note the smears all over the tv also. I'm still not sure what that is. They spent much of the time in my office hogging my computer. They fought over it constantly and left quite a lot of trash on the floor along with half of their toys and books. They never did get dressed today (although Lake requested clothes about 5 minutes before bedtime!) I think one of them must have come up complaining about another at least every 5 minutes. Landon whacked Lawson in the face and left his nose scratched and bleeding (most likely over the computer!!) I did keep coming down to check on them and fix the required lunch but these guys are sneaky and work fast! Here are a few pictures around mid-afternoon. Unbelievable how big of mess that they can make in a very short amount of time. There are many days I feel like I live in a fraternity house or am at least a contestant on Survivor!