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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Popular Picks for 2008!

The boys make a Christmas list each year and in addition I see things that I think are cool and they might like. After last year when Logan questioned why Santa brought certain things that weren't on the list I decided to try a new angle this year. I would work from "The List" and probably save a lot of stress and even money. Well...it kind of worked. I strayed only slightly and those items were a big hit so it was a win win sitution. Now for some of the things I knew from the beginning that they wouldn't be played with and I was mostly right. Some things they love so all is well. I thougth it would be fun for the boys later in life to see what they liked when they were 5 and 6 years old. There seems to be a recurrent Alien theme going on...

The Hit List:
Martian Matters Alien Maker for Logan
Mega Rig Space Shuttle for Logan
Ben 10 Kevin Levin Car for Logan
Spongebob Movie for Landon
Guess Who game for Landon
Ben 10 Omnitrix for Lawson
Ben 10 Alien Creation Chamber for Lawson
Ben 10 Alien Space Ships for Lawson
Bisquit the dog for Lake
Incredible Hulk Smash Hands for Lake (more on this later...)

The Miss List:
Pokemom Battle Playset for Logan (This had been #1 on his list!!)
Starwars Voice Changer Helmut ($30!!!) for Landon
Batman Tumbling Car for Landon
Speedracer cars for Landon
Hotwheels Trick Trax for Lake
Build your own Dinosaur for Lake

They don't hate the toys on the miss list but they aren't playing with them either! Lawson really didn't have any misses so either he chose wisely or will play with anything. He really loves the Wii. Landon did hate a few other gifts and apparently we have some manners to work on before next year! Apparently he doesn't like Ironman pajamas, Ironman sweatshirts or books about Racoons. He didn't try to hide it either. Luckily everyone loves the off list purchase of the Wii so that is keeping them busy.