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Sunday, December 7, 2008

A little backtracking...

I've been pretty busy so I've been neglecting this blog for a couple of weeks. We had a nice quiet Thanksgiving (well...as quiet as you an have with 4 small boys!) The boys brought home lists of things that they are thankful for and Logan left off his brothers "because I ran out of room" but Mom and Dad along with Mrs. Erwin made the list. Lake is again thankful for his dog this year (!?) We STILL don't have a dog but he continues to be thankful for it. We ate a nice dinner at home and the boys had a big game of touch football during the afternoon. Lawson was sick so he stayed inside with Mommy but we watched from the window. Then we all went on a rock hunting expedition for Logan's first grade project. On Friday Steve took Landon and Lake to the Christmas Parade while Logan and Lawson decorated the Sports themed tree in their room. Over the long weekend we went shopping so the boys could make their lists for Santa. It is very interesting to watch their little minds think about what they want to ask for and why. Logan has a list about 15 items long while the other boys were less "needy/greedy."