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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The countdown continues...

I think traditions in a family are very important. Kind of like when I was growing we always went driving around looking at Christmas lights at night we always had chili on Christmas Eve, and I always begged to open one present on Christmas Eve and when I finally convinced my dad to let me it was always new pajamas. We have lots of traditions started already with the boys. One of them is our Advent House. It is a big wooden house with 24 little doors to open. Each day it is someone's turn to open one and pass out the treat that the hole contains. Sometimes it's candy, sometimes a coin, and sometimes a note leading to a special surprise. It is fun for the first couple of days but this house IS DRIVING ME NUTS!! We have an order that we go in but they still are pushing and shoving to get to the door to see what it holds for the day. Somedays someone doesn't like the treat that it contains. Sometimes I forget and have to postphone it until later in the day. Why can't I be organized enough to have the whole 24 days filled at the beginning of Decemeber when it begins? Well...I know that answer...because they would cheat and look ahead. Anyway...they do love this house and hopefully someday I will again love it too. I really prefer the chocolate filled one that Jingle brought!


Anonymous said...

I love that Advent house! Where did you find it?


Mishelle said...

I got it at Costco a few years ago. Just be ready to have it filled on day one or it will drive you nuts too!