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Monday, December 15, 2008

Manic Monday...

I got up this morning after only a few hours of sleep. I was working on a bulletin board design for the PTA. I sort of took on a little too much at school and chair several committees on the PTA. I'm the Box top coordinator and want the bulletin board up before the Winter room parties begin on Friday. Did I mention that I'm the room mom for 1st grade too and had to help plan and execute the winter party? Anyway...I digress...I got up, got everyone ready and at 8:30 this morning I remembered (while changing a hearing aid battery for Lake) that I needed to take Lake and Landon to Romeoville for some hearing tests. The weather was bone chilling cold and the roads were ice but we made it there after dropping off the other two boys at school. I felt a little funny because Landon was in pajamas because his class calendar had today as Polar Express Day but I just explained that when we went to the testing. The kids all wear pj's to school and the teacher reads the Polar Express to them and they get lots of treats and hot cocoa. I rushed him back to school by 1 so he could participate. I asked him how it was and he just smiled and said he would be wearing pj's Tuesday and Wednesday too. I forgot to mention that is is also Spirit Week at school and tomorrow is crazy clothes day and Wednesday is pj day. Hmmm..whatever...Tomorrow Lake and Lawson's calendar says it is Polar Express Day so they will wear pj's. Tonight I had to run to Target and I ran into a mom that I know who has a daughter in K-L. She mentions how excited Morgan is about the Polar Express Day and that she is coming to school tomorrow (she's been out sick) and is thrilled. I bet my face went from white to red in 2 seconds. I said...ummm today was Polar Express day...She said no it is tomorrow. I asked her which class she is in and she confirmed in Landon's' class. UH-OH! Please tell me that I didn't send my child to school today in pj's when it wasn't pj day! I ran home and checked his calendar and sure enough it does say Polar Express Day is today. Lake and Lawson's calendar say tomorrow so I won't know the answer until tomorrow. I thought it was odd that K-L was having the Polar Express Day on a different day that K-B and K-S but thought it was a space issue or something. I will report back tomorrow!! I guess either way Landon gets to wear pajama's this week and if he was the only one he didn't seem to mind!