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Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Hallmark moment...

Tonight Steve was addressing some of his Christmas Cards (I don't do his since he sends a zillion cards to people I have never heard of...)and Landon was watching him. As Steve was putting the return address labels on them (they have caricatures of our family on them) Landon looked at them and named each of us...but when he did Steve he pointed out that it was "wrong" because Daddy doesn't have hair anymore...I thought I would die laughing. To give Steve credit..he did get it cut a couple of weeks ago so he didn't "lose" all that Landon was insinuating! Landon must have been on some sort of hair alert today because at church he was rubbing a man's bald head when the guy bent down to speak to him!! Ugh...looks like some etiquette lessons for the boys is on my wish list for Christmas. I just found a photo of Steve right after the haircut...it's REALLY short...check it out! Oh..and excuse the reindeer ears!


Jennifer said...

That is soooo funny. I have a hard time picking those little heads out. I made me a cute little blond... Your boys definitely wouldn't recognize me from my address label :-).
Side note, I seem to be a Jewel all the time now... I still have 11 coupons that are identified as "One coupon per transaction" (and they keep giving me more :-)