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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Snowboots, snowpants, hats, mittens and more...

Why of why do I live in the snowy midwest with 4 small children to dress? I finally broke down over the weekend and purchased the snowpants for the season. Last year I bought 4 new pairs and never took the tags off but of course they don't fit this year. This year I haven't been so lucky. I have been told by 3 five year olds that if you don't have snowpants on at recess (I think recess lasts about 10 minutes!!) you can't leave the blacktop on the playground. I don't know why they think that they NEED to leave the blacktop because I don't believe that they are allowed to pick up snow anyway....but I was harassed all last week to buy snowpants. So now that we have them the boys rush to get into them each morning. Today it was 40 degrees and pouring rain. They stood in the driveway this morning soaking up the raindrops. Buckling them into carseats soaking wet was not fun. I can understand somewhat that they want snowpants but why do they want to wear them TO school? They go right inside from in front of the door. They really don't even need boots for the walk in. So here we are every morning...Coat? Check! Snowpants? Check! Boots? Check! (I need to add socks to this because Landon somehow missed that step at least two days last week!!) Hat? Check! Gloves? Check! Add to this list a packed lunch, homework folder packed in the backpack, and a spare pair of shoes to wear when you get into the classroom. Oh...and don't forget glasses for 3, hearing aids for 2! Well...on the bright side summer vacation will be here in only 177 more days and shortly before that we won't need snowpants anymore... I'm tired just thinking about doing it again tomorrow!


Francesca said...

We had the exact same situation at our house, minus 3. My Steck student had the same complaint two weeks ago. He claimed "EVERYONE" got to play in the snow and he was left alone on the blacktop. Beni went to Target for the boots and it wasn't until we got home that Mario said, "Where are my snow pants?" Well, those were too small last year, so off I went the next day after work to get pants. Luckily, he doesn't wear them to school. I sweat in the morning getting my two boys ready. I avoid putting on sweaters and long sleeves until they are all ready to go. If I had to get four ready, I think I'd wear shorts and tank tops!